Introducing Interactive Data Courses on Tuva

At Tuva, our mission is to make data and statistics accessible and usable for data novices and learners around the world. We believe that the best way to learn data and statistics skills and concepts is by actually getting your hands dirty with the data; exploring, analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting it in a variety of ways and across different contexts.

To realize this vision, we have built Tuva – a powerful learning platform that brings together:

1) Curated datasets from authentic data sources

2) Dynamic, easy-to-use, yet powerful data analysis and visualization tools, and

3) Inquiry-based, highly engaging lessons and tasks.

Educators and students in over thousands of schools and hundreds of higher-ed institutions in over 70 countries use Tuva in a variety of different ways in their classrooms.   

Today, we are announcing another significant addition to Tuva. We are excited to collaborate with some of the most reputable organizations, institutions, and instructors in the world to bring to you hands-on, interactive data literacy courses on Tuva.

These courses will empower people working across education, healthcare, international development, and other sectors to learn and master foundational data and statistics concepts and skills that will be relevant to their work.

We are actively working on the interactive course design, the content, and the appropriate credentials for the first set of courses on Tuva. Subscribe to receive updates as we launch courses on Tuva. 

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