New Feature: Plotting Multiple Numerical Attributes on the Same Axis

When it comes to exploring data, how one organizes the dataset is incredibly important. Typically, each column should represent an attribute and each row should represent one observation. There are certain best practices one should follow when organizing a dataset, but we will leave that for another post.

There are times when the data is organized a bit differently, one needs to be able to plot multiple attributes on the same axis in order to meaningfully explore and analyze the data. Today, we are launching this functionality on Tuva.

Once you drag and drop an attribute on the x- or y-axis, you will be able to drag another attribute and drop it on the small rectangular box that appears below the attribute on that same axis. Here is a brief video showcasing this new feature in an example:

What do you think about this feature? Take it for a spin on the Climate Change or World Populations dataset, and post your comments, ideas, or feedback in the discussion thread.