Special Lessons for Odd Times

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter Break are a challenging time to keep-up student interest and maintain an orderly classroom. I like to take the time to do longer-term in-class projects. It makes these trying weeks special and gives kids an incentive to stay emotionally present in school.

It’s a great time of year to use Tuva regularly. These few weeks are ideal for  mini-research projects or statistics based units. You have three weeks for students to dive deeply into various topics, write papers and create presentations. When students are driving their own learning the struggle to keep them engaged dissipates.

Tuva’s new tools allow you to do this with minimal work on your part.  We’ve found the data for you. Now you just have to write the questions and get computers into the hands of your kiddies.

If you don’t see a topic you want your students to explore please fill out a dataset request and we will put it together for you as soon as possible.

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