Tuva Labs is now just Tuva.

Today, we are announcing a brand refresh of Tuva. As part of the refresh, we are officially dropping the “Labs” from our brand. 

Tuva Labs is now just Tuva.

Data novices, educators, and learners from around the world are joining the Tuva community everyday to find curated, open datasets; use our dynamic, easy-to-use data analysis and visualization tools; and learn our interactive data-base activities and tasks.

As part of this refresh, we also have a new logo!


Let us know your thoughts on the new logo in the comments, and enter for a chance to win a brand new Tuva t-shirt or coffee mug!   

Our mission is to build Tuva into the premiere data literacy platform, making data and statistics accessible and usable for data novices and learners around the world.

We are continuing to make really good progress to bring our vision to fruition, and are excited for the next stage of our journey and growth.

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